New Game Show


300 sec. Ride is an exciting, fast-paced quiz show. Two team members embark on a 300 seconds ride on the “Time Track” – a specially-designed moving platform that runs back and forth, from one side of the studio to other.

They must answer 8 questions before they literally run out of time. If they succeed, they get one chance to answer the final question – and win 1 million dollars.

The contestants must answer all questions in less than 300 seconds. The time allotted per question is 60 seconds. Once a question in chosen, contestants can attempt to answer it or wait 20 seconds for four possible answers. After another 20 seconds, two of the possible answers are removed. The longer they wait, the easier it will be to answer the question, but they will have used up more time and earned less money.  A wrong answer deducts another 60 seconds from their time.

Once the 300 second-clock reaches 0, the contestants lose and go home empty-handed. When less than 100 seconds are left on the clock, they may either to quit the game and go home with their accumulated prize money. Contestants who have answered 8 questions with at least 20 seconds remaining on their clock, get a chance to answer the million-dollar question.

The contestants then go on a 20-second ride, during which they must answer a multiple-choice question with four possible answers. A correct answer wins them 1 million dollars. An incorrect answer sends them home.

Year of production: 2014

Genre: Game Show

Created by: Ami Glam, Oded Kremer, Itai Hermann

Production: Studio Glam in association with TV Format Fund

Distribution: Dori Media International