Game Show


A special collaboration of top Japanese and Israeli game show creators.

A spin-off of the 9 years successful and popular game show on the Nippon TV Japan.

The game show was redeveloped to a new fun international version AHA! Experience is a unique fresh all family game show !experience! Totally different than any game show you know AHA! Experience is an entertainment quiz show that puts to the test not what you know but what you see. This unique program will check your powers of perception. Visuals are universal; no matter what language you speak, it’s all right there in front of your eyes.

The AHA experience is a sudden inspiration that occurs when things never noticed are detected. Six competitors from very different backgrounds, compete for the title- the AHA! King and a cash prize The AHA experience is derived from a special function our brain has, a sudden inspiration that occurs when brain cells are activated for about 0.1 seconds and things never noticed are detected, in that moment you get to see the things you didn’t notice before Getting good grades at school doesn’t mean you will get more AHA experiences, it’s more important to be flexible in the way you use your brain. Everyone has an equal chance to win New quiz potentially solved by anyone, regardless of age or academic background.

The show takes the best of all worlds: it has a funny and young atmosphere, and a modern design. A new !and creative generation of game shows has been created Visuals are universal, no matter what language you speak, it’s all right there in front of your eye.

Year of production: 2013

Genre: Game show

Created by: Ami Glam & Nippon TV

Production: Studio Glam

Distribution: Dori Media