Game Show

I SPY is a light-hearted spy thriller Game Show, in which three contestants turn into spies for a day. The challenges are taken from the espionage world, and performed on the street opposite real people who are not aware that they are part of a secret plot.

The show integrates thrilling plots, but does not take itself too seriously. The host, therefore, is an entertainer, not ex-Mossad.

The contestants go through three challenges with rising degrees of difficulty. At the end of each challenge, one-contestant goes home, in the last challenge the contestant will get the chance to win the prize money he/she accumulated throughout the game.

The contestants are transported to challenges in the “spy-van”, and the challenges will be filmed with hidden, small cameras mounted on the contestants (button camera, spy glass camera, etc.)

Year of production: 2015

Genre: Game Show

Created by: Ami Glam, Hagit Yaron

Production: Studio Glam  in association with TV Format Fund

Distribution: Studio Glam