Famous Face

Game Show


Famous Face is an adaptation of the highly successful format Smart Face, already on air in X territories. In Famous Face, a random contestant on the street must go through five questions. Similarly to Smart Face, the contestant never answers the questions. Instead, he/she is presented with the answers given by three celebrities– one of them has answered correctly, while the two others have answered incorrectly. The contestant must then choose one answer. If the contestant is right, he/she wins money and moves on to the next question.

Contestants must go through five questions, prize money rising with each. Contestants have one lifeline; if they choose to use it, they may then pick a person on the street to answer the question for them.


Year of production: 2014

Genre: Game Show

Created by: Ami Glam & Oded Menashe

Production: Studio Glam $ Mile Mala

Distribution: Dori Media