Two heavyweight celebrities go head to head in a bout of outrageous star pranking – but who will emerge as the champ?

KNOCKOUT sees two celebrities take pranking to a new level as they compete head to head, both charged with pulling off the same complex prank in the same location with the same means – but with the aim of out-doing their competitor.

Each player chooses their famous “prankee” and strives to push the boundaries of the game, dealing with their challenge in the most outrageous and hilarious way possible. The prankers’ creativity, charisma and ability to think on their feet are all placed under scrutiny as show’s viewers decide who pulled off the prank the best and “knocks out” their competitor. Each prank has three levels of complexity, an initial round with some basic comic elements, a second round where the prank is escalated dramatically and a third round where a wholly surreal situation develops and the celebrity must continue to keep up the charade… Throughout the prank the pranker must do their best to hide their own surprise and horror at what they are being asked to do.

The dueling celebrities meet in the studio for the first time, watch each other’s versions of the prank and take part in the host’s analysis of their performance. Have they managed to maintain their credibility and keep a perfect “poker face” throughout the most impossible situations? The giggling viewers then ultimately decide which pranker has won the duel.

Example prank scenarios include: “accidentally” stepping into the most dangerous hospital ward in the world, two chefs cooking for a corrupt tycoon who asks them to settle a dispute for him, an embassy where the ambassador falls in love with a celebrity prankee, and a magician whose gun trick goes wrong….