Pick-up Bus

Dating Game Show

Pick-up Bus – Dating game show – Join the wild ride on the Pick-up Bus

Join the wild ride on the Pick-up Bus – a fast-paced, dynamic, no-nonsense dating game, in which a bachelor or a bachelorette look for the perfect date in the perfect venue – a moving bus.

The bachelor/bachelorette picks up three potential dates for the ride. All three participate in fast, fun challenges, while trying to leave a great first impression. The bus makes three stops along the ride; in each stop, one candidate is dropped from the game. The remaining candidates then have to work harder to impress our bachelor/bachelorette.

After two stops and two eliminations, the remaining duo makes their way to their chosen date venue. Upon arrival, they must rapidly make the final decision: they are given a card, and asked to mark their decision: “It’s a date!” or “No way!”. It takes only one “No way!” to end the date. The choosy partner then gets a new ride on the pick-up bus, while the other is ditched right then and there.

Year of production: 2013

Genre: Dating Game Show.

Created by: Ami Glam, Gregory Bekerman, and Moran Zuckermann

Production: Studio Glam & Finemaker

Distribution: Studio Glam