The Extra Mile

Reality show

The Extra Mile – Reality show – What are you prepared to do for your children?

What are you prepared to do for your children? This is the question which the contestants of The Extra Mile are ready to put to the test – and answer with a vengeance.

Ten divorced couples embark on a life-changing experience in a remote location to see who among them can overcome past grievances and present hardships, and work together to win 1 million Shekels. Will their failed relationship come back to haunt them, or will they triumph against all odds, and win it all for the sake of their children’s future? The prize is to be deposited in a savings account for the benefit of the winning couple’s children until they reach the age of 18.

In each episode, the contestants go through challenges that test their physical and mental abilities. The game challenges the contestants not only to overcome all these, but also to share a living space – and together with the rest of the couples, find the correct balance between their “Reality Life”, the competitive game and the social battle to stay in the game for one more week.

The show uses progressive elimination, allowing the contestants to vote off one couple at a time, until one couple remains to win 1 million Shekels.

Year of production: 2013

Genre: Reality

Created by: Ami Glam

Production: Studio Glam

Distribution: Studio Glam