Selfie Challenge

New reality game show

After the Internet, social media and smart-phones were invented for us, it seems that one of the most popular uses of all this progress is the selfie. Self photography, in stills or video, that enables us to document our life constantly and share with the world in real time what we are going through right now. Selfie challenge is an original reality game show that draws its inspiration from this cross-culture phenomenon. Currently, we do not settle for self documentation just for what it is – it is actually a competitive sport as any other. Talent can be quantified and is tested in the first ever TV show.

Selfie challenge – the game

Two groups of friends, 3 members in each group, are in different locations around the world at the same time. Each group has identical equipment – smart-phone, adjustable selfie poll and two small easy to operate video cameras. The game moderator, which is in a different location, operates them from a distance and manages the competition between them in real time. The competition is simple, the moderator sends to the groups’ smart-phones a picture or a selfie video and from this moment the five-round competition is on. The groups must mimic exactly and swiftly the selfie they received.  They must decide which team member will perform it and they must organize all that is essential to get a perfect result. When they are finished they send the selfie back to the moderator and wait for the next challenge. The first group that performs the selfie accurately wins and scores the maximum points.

Year of production: 2015

Genre:Reality Game Show

Created by: Ami Glam,Omer Aviad, Itay Barkan and Itzik Nakash

Production: Studio Glam and Nba Production

Distribution: Dori Media