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After picking up Double or Nothing in Europe, Banijay Group has acquired the American rights for the game show, developed by Israel’s Armoza Formats and Studio Glam.

The deal marks the first time that Armoza and Banijay Studios North America have collaborated on a format.

Last fall, Banijay acquired the format rights for Italy and France where it will be produced by Ambra and H20 Productions, respectively. Tresor TV Produktions is producing the German version.

In Double or Nothing, a pair of contestants takes on a series of challenges in order to win prize money. One member of the team picks a single opponent, who must undergo the challenge first. The couple then attempts to carry out the challenge not only better than their competitors, but twice as well. If the couple loses, they lose their prize money, but if they win, their earnings are doubled.

A U.S. broadcast partner has not been announced.

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