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Ami Glam and Ilan Glam are expanding their operations by establishing a US branch for Studio Glam. The new branch opened in New York in September, and focuses on developing content for the American market.

The US has welcomed Studio Glam. The Content and TV Production Company has opened a new branch in New York this month of September which will focus on developing content for the American market.

This is the first such branch by an Israeli independent boutique content & production company in the city and aims to expand the company’s focus, which has always been the development of TV formats for international markets through Studio Glam ID.

Never the less, the Israeli branch of Studio Glam will continue to operate and will focus on small or medium-sized productions under the leadership of a manager to allow Ami and Ilan Glam to focus on the development of Studio Glam US in New York.

Since it was established, the Studio created and produced several shows for Israeli broadcasters like The Extra Mile; Bake Off Israel, The Great Cantor; and more than 20 new formats are currently in different tages of production around the world.

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